Asia Tui-Na Wholeness: Pleasure from Pressure

26 May

Asia Tui-Na Wholeness

Asia Tui-Na Wholeness= Every person has their perception of what the best massage is. Spa-goers are paying for over a hundred dollars for an hour of massage which, according to many, is basically like having someone rub your back lightly in coordinated motions. Well, that could be good if you’re willing to settle for that kind of massage. Besides, they play some nice music too, and you can’t deny that nice smell they put in the scent diffusers to keep their spas smelling great does indeed smell good.
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But if you’re someone like me who wouldn’t go for any massage unless it is intense, then I’ll tell you where to find it. At 37 East 28th Street, Suite 800, between Madison Av and South Park Av in New York, there is a place called Asia Tui-Na Wholeness. Now hold on those dirty little thoughts there, this isn’t the kind of Asian Massage Parlors you have in mind. Surely, you still get a “happy ending” with every massage, but such happy ending is going home with a renewed energy and invigorated the spirit.

As its name suggest, their specialty massage is Tui-Na though they offer several other massage services like Chi-Gong, Ho-Guan, and for the curious, they offer acupuncture therapy by a New-York State-licensed acupuncturist, Dr. Claudia Li. She, by the way, is also running the place and with 25 years of experience in the field of Chinese medicine and gynecology, while specializing in pain management support, you would know very well how you are in good hands once you step inside the joint.

Tui-Na means push-pull. So that pretty much gives you at least a slight idea on the kind of massage you’ll be getting. Since the place is apparently Chinese and they have such strong beliefs on balance between one’s Yin and Yang, as well as the spontaneity of one’s “Chi” (vital energy), the Tui-Na massage focuses on bringing in that balance while treating earthly illnesses in the process. Along with the push and pull, other techniques such as rubbing, rolling, kneading, pressing, tapping body muscles, targeting pressure points and energy meridians are all necessary to keep that energy flowing. Depending on your need, you can go for an hour of Tui-Na massage, or half-an-hour. Others would even opt for an extra hour. Yes, their massage is that good. You could also specify how your Tui-Na should be done (either light, moderate or deep-tissue style).

But let’s start from the place itself. If you ask anyone who’ve been to Asia Tiu-Na Wholeness, they would tell you the same thing  –  it is a “no frills” kind of place with excellent massage services. Physically, I must say their place is kinda small, and do not expect to have your massage done in some private massage room. After you walk in and fill in that medical form, they will lead you along these rows of massage tables separated by flimsy curtains.

The whole place kinda looks like a small hospital in fact, and you get your massage in one section of the emergency room. They don’t play ‘spa’ music so basically, as you lie on that table enjoying your massage, you could hear the others behind the curtain the whole time and pretty much hear everything around you. Like I said, their massage is intense. So often, you listen to the person on the next table grunting or moaning and others, surprisingly, sleeping. But it’s no big deal, and in fact, it’s even fun. Besides, everyone is trying to keep the silence, and you would notice that as you see the ladies getting in and out from the curtains quietly.Image result for massage png

About the αθλητικό μασάζ itself, as I said, they specialize with Tui-Na which costs $60 for a full hour of deep tissue Chinese style massage that uses their formulated organic lotion made of healthy natural herbs. Some places over the internet offer a 15% discount coupon for first-time customers, and it doesn’t matter if you pay cash, check, or have it charged to your card, you still get the discount. But remember, however, that their body massage services do not include the feet. If you pay an extra $5, you get the foot reflexology. It is advised to inform them if you want the foot massage before your session starts.

Chi-Gong focuses on breathing discipline to control and cultivate the flow or Chi. Such, they say is useful in managing stress, tension, pain, depression, insomnia and even impotence. Though there are no scientifically-backed claims on the benefits of Chi-Gong, many who are practicing such admits it is indeed healthy.

Ho-Guan, or cupping in general, is also a deep-tissue therapy as well that targets certain points which are said to be the source of pain. While others I’ve seen uses the animal horn, bamboo cups, or small clay pots as suctions, Asia Tui-Na Wholeness uses smooth glass cups of varying sizes. They say it is best to get a better grip and to see the degree of suction done. I haven’t tried it, but many say it does restore the energy. In fact, their place posts clippings about Gwyneth Paltrow and Ashley Judd going into cupping therapy themselves.

As you could also opt for their acupuncture therapy, Dr. Li there would help you understand better about its benefits so you could decide if you want it or not. Needles always look scary, yet the many who have tried it always claim they never hurt during the whole process. Stress, lack of energy, depression, migraine attacks, allergies and gastrointestinal problems are just among the many conditions known to benefit from this form of treatment. But many of the patients there are getting acupuncture as a treatment for general body pains. If you are braver than the rest, you could give it a try. Just to add, Dr. Li specializes in fertility treatments aswell.
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As the only thing I have tried, and have been coming back for in this place, is their Tui-Na. Their place is also a beauty spa and they offer several beauty treatments, which, you could incorporate with the massage services you want. They offer a special price of $120 for a 1-hour massage of your choice (Face and Body Rejuvenator, Head-to-Toe Anti-Stress Massage or Hot Stone Massage) combined with one hour of facial treatment.

Usually, you need to get an appointment to get in. But it’s never hard to get one at all. There are times I was able to get in without an appointment, so in case you’re around beyond your schedule and want to stop by for a Tui-Na, you can always take your chance. They have a lot of masseurs on stand-by. You mostly see small Chinese ladies, but hey, never underestimate their size. They could practically break your back if they would.

Their techniques are superb! You could have your favorite masseur, but they use the same strokes, rhythm and all. The best part with every massage you get is they never fail to target all your troubled spots. Truly a deep-tissue massage you’ll get here. If you are ultra-sensitive, then better stay clear from this place in the first place. Get the soft-touch massage from the spas. Many would claim their bodies hurt even more after the massage than when they came in. Lolz. But I would not totally disagree with them. Sometimes, it feels that way. But every time I come home from a Tui-Na, I always sleep like it’s the best sleep I had in years.

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