Healthy smoothie recipes

11 Jun

A Healthy smoothie recipes Guide

For all those people who stress on healthy living, healthy eating and healthy drinking: You should emphasize on the necessity of having a healthy smoothie too!  Healthy smoothie recipes incorporate a mixture of fruits, vegetables, low-fat, and sugar-free products for topping. Smoothies are full of nutrients and fibers, and it is necessary to maintain this content without adding saturated fat and high-calorie things in it.

People often mistake healthy smoothies as boring, tasteless or drink for sick people! This is not the case. Many recipes are available to make your smoothies interesting and different every day. You can try a different smoothie in your breakfast and snacks without sacrificing the flavor.

Things required for healthy smoothie recipes The ingredients that make your smoothie 100% healthy are the following: Fresh and frozen fruits that are low in calories Dairy fat-free products Plain yoghurt Flax seed Water Soy milk Tofu Vegetables; especially green ones Sugar free toppings free from saturated fat Healthy fats like peanut butter Spirulina.

Apart from these, do not give in to the urge of adding jelly or chocolate syrup, cheese or sugary canned berries. The items that are full of fat can add that unhealthiness in your healthy smoothie recipes. You can think of having these sweetened drinks once in a blue moon but not always and not too often.

None daily unhealthy habit will do you any favor; instead, you will be at the risk of developing some health problem.Most people believe that they are anyways having a healthy drink, so the addition of fatty food will be counterbalanced. This is a misconception, as you will add that many bad fats in your diet, which may show its effect on any unfortunate day.

Different smoothie recipes and their health benefits You just need a cup of papaya cubes, frozen peach, along with one tsp of powdered flax seed and ginger. You can add low-fat yogurt, ice cubes and finally garnish it with crushed mint leaves after blending. This low-calorie drink is good for the digestive system and removes the feeling of nausea or stomach bloating.

You need a cup of blueberries, strawberries, cherries, and avocados. You can add two tsp of wheat germ and powdered flax seed in addition to Greek yogurt and ice cubes. This amazing drink is tasty as well as a skin rejuvenator that combats skin problems like aging, dryness and sun damage.

All you need are two peeled frozen bananas with two tsp of peanut butter and wheat germ. You can add two spoons of natural chocolate powder, and one tsp honey and cinnamon. Further mix these ingredients with low-fat yogurt and one tsp milk powder made of low-fat milk.You can add extra ice if you want.

This drink is rich in potassium and full of energy. With this great smoothie, you are all set to kick-start your day or have it post workout.Sassy Strawberry smoothieYou just requires a cup of strawberries, diced mango, lime and half-cup tofu. You can add a tsp of flax seed oil and three ice cubes.

This protein and omega three fatty acids rich smoothie is great to enhance your metabolic rate. Also, the low-calorie content will speed up the fat loss process.An importance of the BlenderIn order to get a perfect blend of every smoothie recipe, you need a powerful blender that mixes and blends all the ingredients properly.

This is very important when there is a presence of a certain fruit that you are not very fond of, but need to have for health reasons. A perfect blender will mix all the ingredients of the healthy smoothie recipes in such a way that the result will be delicious.The above recipes can work with a low power hand held blender braun too, and all the newcomers who are trying to prepare smoothies can make them with no extra efforts.

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These healthy smoothie recipes are easy to make, and the ingredients are easily and cheaply available, everything else depends on the blending machine. If the blender is very efficient, then the smoothie is also going to be that much more flavorsome (if that is a word).images by Stacy Spensley & Joi Itov1.1

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