LG 65 Pint Dehumidifier

14 Jun

LG 65 Pint Dehumidifier

What Should I Use It For?Use it for: Basements, large areas/highly humid areas, flood treatmentDont use it for Larger units can be used in smaller and more typically domestic situations, but it would be over-doing it

What You Said This particular LG only have 14 customer reviews over at Amazon and has an average rating of just one and a half stars (out of 5, see right). If the rating itself didn’t give it away, this 65 pint isn’t exactly the most well-received dehumidifier around.y

George (2 Stars) “I have owned this model as well as two other smaller LGs of similar design. Also, currently own two Sears Kenmore which are also built by LG and virtually identical. These units are all very noisy, especially this model and the reliability is terrible. None of them has lasted over two seasons.

Consumer Reports has also commented on the poor reliability and high noise. Even more frustrating, was my previous experience with this model purchased at Home Depot- the box said five-year warranty but alas, had to return right away due to un-bearably full operation. When I went to pick out a replacement, all the remaining LG’S only had one year warranty, and HD tried to sell me extended warranty- I called LG, and they were less no help saying they changed the warranty.

That is one major warranty change from five years to one year. By Ron (4 Stars) “ This Dehumidifier does a great job. It has performed better than expected for a refurbished dehumidifier. It puts out a lot of heat when running, but that’s to be expected when you consider how dehumidifiers work.

It is somewhat noisy but not as noisy as others I’ve owned. It does the job. Should I Buy This Dehumidifier? Also check our next article best humidifiers for baby.

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